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Yorkshire and Wakefield Wedding Videographer

Capturing Moments to Last a Life Time

Wakefield Based Yorkshire Wedding Videographer

Welcome to Adam Does Weddings, I am a professional and friendly Wedding Videographer in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. As a Wedding Video creator I have a number of packages to help cover the different requirements of Wedding Videos. There is no better way to remember your big day than with a beautiful wedding video to relive all the special moments. I specialise in giving the most professional and discrete videography service for your big day. Every Yorkshire Wedding Video made by Adam Does Weddings is creative and unique to each individual couple. Our affordable packages mean you can get the highest quality videos without having to break the bank. I only use the highest quality recording equipment to give the best final product for you to cherish. If you are looking for a Yorkshire-based wedding video service, Adam Does Weddings would be your best wedding planning decision. When booking, try and do so early to avoid any disappointment.

Wedding videos capture the essence of your special day unlike anything else. They preserve not just visuals but heartfelt vows, laughter, speeches, and candid moments, creating a lasting narrative of your celebration. Unlike photos, videos encapsulate movement, sound, and genuine atmosphere, offering a dynamic way to relive your wedding's beauty and emotion. As a Yorkshire and Wakefield wedding videographer, I aim to craft those unforgettable memories for you to cherish a lifetime!

Dom and Elise's wedding at Bagden Hall, Halifax was a breathtaking celebration of love. The picturesque venue provided a perfect backdrop for their special day, filled with laughter, tears, and unforgettable moments.

Jade and Joseph's enchanting wedding at Holmfirth Vineyard, West Yorkshire unfolded amidst scenic vines. A day of love, laughter, and vineyard charm, creating everlasting memories for the radiant couple on their special day.


Jack and Ruth's magical wedding at The 3 Acres, Huddersfield. A flawless day, crowned by a breathtaking sunset, celebrating the most incredible couple's love.


Laura and Stephen's cherished wedding at  East Riddlesden Hall, Bradford a day of pure joy, nestled in historic beauty, where love and laughter painted the perfect beginning to their forever journey.


Yorkshire Wedding Videographer

Hello, I'm Adam, a dedicated wedding videographer from Leeds, West Yorkshire, with 7 years of expertise. I specialise in preserving precious moments with creativity and professionalism, ensuring your special day is beautifully captured. Let me craft a timeless film that perfectly reflects the magic of your love story


Some of my Happy Couples

Wedding Videography at The Fleece countryside Inn, Halifax

Olivia & Connor 

The Fleece Countryside Inn, Halifax

"Thank you for capturing our special day! The videos are amazing and we can’t wait to show it to all our family and friends!"
Wedding Videographer at Bagden Hall Hotel, Halifax

Dom & Elise

Bagden Hall Hotel, Halifax

"They are amazing.Thank you always & you'll be the top of the list for future recommendations!"
Wedding Videographer at Wentbridge House Hotel, Pontefract

Aaron & Josie

Wentbridge House, Pontefract 

"Thanks Adam. Absolutely class mate... you're a genius :)"
Wedding Videographer at The 3 Acres, Huddersfield

Ruth & Jack

The 3 Acres, Huddersfield

"We absolutely love it. Thank you so much! Looking forward to showing everyone"
Wedding Videographer at The Woodman Inn Wedding Venue, Halifax

Simon & Rachel

The Woodman Inn, Halifax

"We would just like to say a massive thank you to all the hard work you've done!!! You've captured our day perfectly and we are over the moon with it."
Wedding Videographer at Oulton Hall Hotel, Leeds

Chris & Emma 

Oulton Hall Hotel, Leeds

"Thank you for doing such a great job with the videos! We absolutely love them Thank you so much!"

Adam Does Weddings is one of the Hitched Wedding Awards 2024 winners in the Videography category, making me one of the most recommended professionals by newlyweds on Hitched

With six years of experience in filming and creating Yorkshire and Wakefield wedding videos as a Yorkshire Wedding Videographer, I've had the privilege of capturing countless beautiful moments. My favourites include the emotional exchange of vows, spontaneous laughter, heartfelt speeches, and the unique, unscripted interactions that reveal the genuine love and joy of each wedding day. Here are many of my favourite moments I have had the fortune to capture for my couples.


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Yorkshire and Wakefield Wedding Videography

Are you looking for a Yorkshire and Wakefield Wedding Videographer Here is some information about me, my style and how I film the day!

As a Wakefield wedding videographer offering packages throughout Yorkshire and beyond, I take pride in capturing the essence of your day discreetly. My approach allows couples to enjoy their wedding naturally while I document genuine moments unobtrusively, preserving the authenticity of the occasion. The result is a heartfelt video that reflects the true emotions of the day. There will be some times in the day where I work alongside your photographer to capture some beautiful couple moments. However I try and keep the amount of time to an absolute minimum so you can really enjoy every second of your special day!

My passion as a Wakefield and Yorkshire wedding videographer is to capture those unique and precious moments that define your special day. I then skillfully weave them into a cinematic story, preserving the emotions, love, and joy to create memories that will be cherished and last a lifetime, reliving the magic again and again.

West Yorkshire Wedding Videographer
Yorkshire Wedding Videographer filming

Wakefield Wedding Videographer

Experience the magic of your special day with our West Yorkshire wedding videographer services in Wakefield and beyond. With expertise spanning Wakefield, Leeds, Bradford, Halifax, Huddersfield, York, Sheffield and the UK I specialise in crafting premium-quality wedding videos. Drawing from 6 years of dedicated experience, I ensure every moment is beautifully captured, providing stunning images and cinematic videos that will make your big day truly unforgettable. Here are some of my favourite couple moments from the last wedding season!

10 Reasons to Have a Wedding Videographer!

Surprisingly, a magical wedding doesn't hinge on videography. You can create lasting memories without it. However, countless married couples regret not having a videographer. They yearn to capture unseen moments, relive speeches, and marvel at forgotten details. Amidst the wedding day whirlwind, this absence can leave a void in their memories. While not essential, a videographer adds a dimension that truly encapsulates the day, providing cherished memories for years to come.

1. Emotional Capture: Wedding Videographers capture emotions in motion, preserving the laughter, tears, and heartfelt moments.

2. Live Memories: Wedding Videos provide a dynamic portrayal of the day, allowing you to relive the atmosphere, speeches, and interactions exactly how they happened.

3. Complete Storytelling: It completes the storytelling with audio, visuals, and ambiance, offering a more comprehensive memory than photos alone.

4. Family Heirloom: A video becomes a cherished family heirloom, passed down through generations to witness the love story.

5. Missed moments: Capture moments often missed amidst the whirlwind of the day, providing a chance to relive and savour every intricate detail, preserving a comprehensive memory of your special day.

6. Professional Quality: Wedding Videographers guarantee top-notch, refined footage, skillfully capturing the beauty and essence of your day. Their commitment to professional quality ensures that your memories are preserved in a visually stunning manner.

7. Guest Perspectives: By encompassing guest perspectives into wedding videos, it adds layers to your memories, offering a fresh viewpoint of your wedding day. Discover moments you missed and witness your celebration from a whole new angle. 

8. Creative Expression: Wedding Videographers use artistic techniques to showcase your unique story, adding creativity and depth. Ensuring your unique wedding day moments are crafted in to life long relivable memories.

9. Shared Moments: Wedding videos are effortlessly shareable with absent loved ones, enabling them to partake in the celebration. Ensuring that those unable to attend can still connect with the joyous moments.

10. Timeless Investment: It's an investment in preserving priceless memories, ensuring your special day remains vivid and cherished.

West Yorkshire wedding Videographer based in Wakefield. Providing wedding Videos in Wakefield, Leeds, Huddersfield, Halifax and throughout West Yorkshire. Adam Does Weddings travels all over the United Kingdom and even Europe. Wedding videos in West Yorkshire, Wakefield, Leeds, Manchester and Yorkshire

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